Conteg distributed by RB-Net.

The company CONTEG is a manufacturer of a wide range of cabinets and racks which fulfill the needs of even the most demanding users. Our solutions include not only free-standing and wall-mounted racks but also a comprehensive range of accessories and value-added services. A constant commitment to improving processes enables CONTEG to meet growing demand and shorten delivery times.

The product portfolio includes 9 series of free-standing racks, 5 series of wall-mounted racks and 2 series of SOHO racks. In order to be able to fulfill our motto "to complete your network", we have been working since our establishment in 1998 on continuous expansion and improvement of our product portfolio.  Our Research and Development department works continuously on improving existing products and designing new solutions to meet our customers' needs.

AEO Certificate

RB-Net is a very reliable and trustworthy AEO. The reliability is based on the criteria: rated customs compliance, satisfactory accounting system, financial solvency and adequate safety standards. The status entitled to discounts at customs security checks and / or from simplifications provided for under customs regulations.
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